We went to visit China for vacation on July 15, 2006 and spent 10 days
visiting 4 cities. We returned on the 25th of July. We visited Beijing,
Xian, Guilin and Shanghai. We enjoyed the trip very much and were
very fascinated with all the things that we saw in China.

China has a very rich history. We saw tombs that were very old (2200
years old!), palaces for different dynasties and very modern high rise
Temple of Heaven
Our international flight to China was via Air China. All the domestic flight were also on Air China with one
exception when we used China Eastern Airlines. The domestic flights and terminals were all as up to
date and comparable to the domestic air service in America.

The links on the left will lead you to pictures and more information of our trip to China. Look around and
Remember to click on the pictures to get a larger view of the picture.

We used
Ritz Tours to visit China. This is the first time we took a tour to visit a country. We had a very
good experience with them. They handled every aspect of our trip from the moment we landed in China
to the time we left China. We would recommend them to you. Our group consisted of 20 people. See the
picture below. Also included in the picture is our overall tour guide manager, Nelson (top left) and the
local tour guide for Beijing, Crystal (top right).

Further down you will find a map of China as well. Enjoy the pictures....
Our China Trip
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