Guilin - is a place of natural scenic beauty. The city is located in an area where the hills are
stunning. The city came across as homey. It just felt very relaxed and comfortable.
Elephant Trunk Hill- The hill is a
regarded as a symbol of the city. This
area also has a lot of ethnic minority
people. Each of the groups has their
own traditions and beliefs. Here is a
lady from one of the minority group.
Guilin Night View - Some pictures of the lake are of Guilin at night
Li River Cruise - We were taken on a three hour cruise on the Li River. There were breath taking scenery all around from
the start of the trip to the end. Both President Nixon and President Clinton has taken this cruise and enjoyed it very much.
Li River Cruise - Lunch was provided on the boat. There were also exotic food served on the boat as well. One of them
was Snake wine and turtle soup. I had eaten too much during lunch so I passed on drinking the wine. As sample is
shown below.
Li River Cruise - More scenic pictures of beautiful rock formations.
Tea Celebration - The river cruise ended at Yangshuo. On the way back to Guilin, we stopped at a town for Tea
Celebration Ceremony. This part of the country is famous for having varieties of tea. We were shown how the locals drink
the variety of teas and how each type tea is beneficial to the body.
Reed Flute Cave - There was another stop on the way back to Guilin. This was a limestone cave. We got to see limestone
formations, stalactite and stalagmites. The caves were all lit up with bright pure colors and the view was incredible.
Minority Folklore Dance - As Guilin has a high concentration of minority people, we were treated to a Folklore dance by
some of the minority groups after dinner. There were quite a few different groups. We got to see the different types of
dances from the different groups.
End of Guilin Visit
China - Guilin
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